Free the Word! Manila

Forum on free expression, poetry and musical performances
4 July 2018, Wednesday, 5:00-7:00PM
Main Gallery, 3rd Floor, Cultural Center of the Philippines
Open to the public. Free admission.

Forum on Free Expression

Moderator: Karina Bolasco
Romana Cacchioli (PEN International) • Danson Kahyana (PEN Uganda) • Tammy Lai Ming Ho (PEN Hong Kong) • Apoorvanand Jha (PEN Delhi) • Sangamesh Menasinakai (PEN South India)

Poetry and Musical Performances
John Iremil Teodoro • Gary Granada • Vijae Alquisola • Carlos Piocos • Genevieve Asenjo • Tammy Lai Ming Ho • Louise Lopez • Yorn Young • Aldrin Pentero and Roy Cagalingan (LIRA) • Mitra Bandhu Poudel • Myat Thu Soe • Sangamesh Menasinakai • Michael Coroza

Free the Word! is PEN International’s roaming event series of contemporary literature from around the world. Its aims are:

Bring writers together across cultures to share experiences and explore ideas;
Open conversations about how literature can transform, influence and excite;
Contribute to the flow of literature around the world through translation and the promotion of writing;
Introduce readers to both established and emerging voices; and
Provide space for debate and dialogue between readers and writers.